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A Message To Meat-Eaters and Vegetarians (or “Veganism 101 and Why We Object To You Eating Meat Or Using Animal Products”)

by Simon on August 6, 2012

We often hear the claim that vegans are all about denying rights of freedom of action to non-vegans by declaring that the use of animal products should end. The truth is more to do with us speaking up for the rights of animals to be free of suffering, cruelty and exploitation, which your practices perpetuate.

In simple terms, the reason vegans choose to become vegan is because we feel strongly opposed to the exploitation of animals in all forms. Vegans are, therefore, opposed to the use of all animal products such as meat, fish, milk, eggs, honey, leather, silk, wool and so on because that involves an animal being killed, suffering or being exploited in some way.

From that perspective, it is hardly surprising that true vegans are not going to accept your wish to use ANY animal products as being okay because to do so an animal would have to have been exploited.

As there are thousands of food choices and other consumables available to you that do not involve the death, suffering or exploitation of an animal, we’d like you to make better, more ethical, decisions by choosing vegan options.

Under current legislation, you are free to buy, consume or use animal products. By the same token, we vegans are free to object to your partaking of an uncivilized practice that denies the rights of all animals to a life free of suffering, cruelty and exploitation.

We hope that’s cleared up any confusion on your part?

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