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Vegan Maven is an online resource designed for people living (or wanting to live) a vegan lifestyle. Our purpose is to inform, support and inspire you on your vegan life journey by providing access to vegan news and expert views as well as giving you the opportunity of shaping this site to meet your evolving needs.

Vegan Maven aims to cover a wide range of topics and conversations pertaining to veganism.  Our mission is to bring you cutting-edge thinking from the world of veganism and to contribute to conversations in areas such as health and wellbeing, animal rights, global issues, community relationships, business and commerce, and more.  We also feature book and other media reviews, vegan lifestyle products, and special guest blog posts and interviews.

Our Position

We are unashamedly biased in our beliefs and commitments towards a vegan lifestyle and this will be very much reflected in what you see on these pages. We make absolutely no pretense towards neutrality in our position about the virtues and practical benefits of living as vegans. However, we may at times bring you features that seem opposed to this stance in that we want to be open to debate in order to help us, as people and as a site, develop and evolve.

Having said that, we will not shy away from appearing rude and dismissive of certain people’s views at times.

For instance, there are many folks who attempt to rationalize their meat-eating habits and simply like to argue for the sake of it. Furthermore, these people often try to persuade others that it is fine to eat meat by employing intellectual mind-twisting verbiage about so-called cruelty-free ways of producing food from animals and that animals are somehow on this planet primarily for humans’ satisfaction.

Our position is clear. We are strictly opposed to any animal being raised for the purpose of it being killed for food or for the production of any other consumer item. We believe that the meat-producing industry is founded on violence and murder regardless of the level of pre-death suffering caused to that animal and we condemn such violence and murder as unacceptable to an evolved, compassionate and healthy way of being.

Our Premise

Our whole premise is simple and here it is:

The world would would be a significantly better place if it were based on vegan principles and practices.

We believe that to be vegan is a social, political, environmental, economical and spiritual declaration of intent to make the world a better place for everyone and everything in it.

Veganism is not the perfect solution for all the challenges that exist in the world for we live in an imperfect world. However, we believe, the decision to live a vegan lifestyle is a hugely effective step towards overcoming many of the major issues we can witness today such as global warming and environmental catastrophes, poverty and deprivation, widespread malnutrition and obesity, cruelty and violence, poor health and disease, dire working conditions and an absence of workers’ rights, to name just some.

Whatever issue amongst these is of primary concern to you, you will find that making the decision to be vegan is one that makes a positive difference in that area. There are no neutral actions. Everything we do (or indeed don’t do) has an impact somewhere. We are collectively responsible for how the world is today and how it will be tomorrow and beyond. So we all get to make choices as to whether we contribute something positive or something negative to the world.

When you are able to make the connection between your individual actions and the effect on the bigger picture, your commitment to a vegan way of life will be further cemented. You can and do make a difference and Vegan Maven was, in part, established to acknowledge that.

Why “Vegan MAVEN”?

Wikipedia’s definition of “maven” is appropriate for how we intend it here at this site:

“A maven is a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others.”

While we are all vegans at Vegan Maven, we don’t profess to have all the answers. We do, however, set out to ask the right questions and we encourage others to do so too. And the better the quality of question, the better the quality of answer.

While we admit to having a fair share of knowledge and expertise about the subjects on this site, we believe the true “maven” status of this site can only come from the combined knowledge, experience and thinking of all our contributors.

We include in this definition of contributors not only the article writers but also our guests and those of you who provide useful and insightful comments to the various posts. In essence, together we enhance our collective expertise and then pass on our knowledge to others. It is our aim and our hope that together we will contribute to a better world through our collective actions.

Please join the conversation by reading the posts, making comments and maybe even writing articles… it’s too important to just watch from the sidelines.


About Simon Allard was founded in October 2009 by Simon Allard with the help of other family members and encouragement of friends.

Simon is a new media writer, entrepreneur, life and business coach, and spiritual seeker. His most important job titles are husband and dad. He helps homeschool (or “unschool”) his three children with his wife. He is also proud to be vegan and honoured to be helping others in their vegan journey.

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